With our design eye and expertise combined with our valuable trade resources we help clients demystify the world of decorating and finish off their house and make it a home. We work clients that have busy lives and provide a turn-key project, guiding them in selections right down to the last accessory and piece of art. We typically scour antique stores and vintage resources on a regular basis along with our typical stops; working hard to provide varied and creative options for our clients. Our procurement services take the legwork out of ordering, tracking and installation of furnishings, hoping to take stress off the process for clients and make it fun!

Pricing: Depends on room and scale of project. Services are charged at an hourly rate.

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The world of product selection in interiors can be daunting, let alone the documenting and implementation. We guide clients through the process of selecting finishes, plumbing, lighting, hardware and more, keeping us on target with the overall design intention in addition to the clients budget. Once selections are made we create and produce the documentation needed to order products with the contractor in addition to the drawings detailing installation. Working in conjunction with all trades and vendors on site and behind the scenes ensures a successful and seamless completion to every project. We provide administration of your construction project from beginning to completion, as well as provide turn-key services for a move-in ready home.

Pricing: Depends on the scale of project. Services are charged at an hourly rate.

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For the do-it-yourself client, a one-time visit can solve a design dilemma, offer objective opinion and provide concrete direction. We will  provide suggestions at an onsite meeting up to 90 minutes. Direction for furniture placement, window treatments, flooring, and paint colors can all be discussed at this time. 

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