Mother’s Day Gift Guide with a Conscience

So I’m a mom and I think I have a pretty good beat on what moms might like for Mother’s Day. Beauty products, clothes and lots of flowers are always a perfect treat! But this year lets give mom something that not only will she love but something that will have a lasting positive impact on the earth and the people on it. I have tried all of these suggestions so I’m sending you there with ideas that I’m positive your mom will love!


Flowers! This is my number one favorite thing to get for mother’s day and Farmgirl Flowers is doing everything right when it come to giving someone flowers. The majority of flowers come from other countries, a lot of them end up unused and in composts and they are coated in deadly pesticides. Farmgirl Flowers supports local farmers, reduce pesticides and waste and if you’re local they pedal to get those flowers to you!

I love this little video that tells their story.



The cashmere sweater, a staple in every woman’s closet. In grey, black, cream crewneck or V and good quality you will wear it forever! Everlane is a clothing company that promotes radical transparency by searching for factories that are honest and ethical about their workplace environment, being honest about there markups on the goods they sell and high quality products that will last. And at $110 the cashmere crew if an amazing price. They have a whole line of other closet staples but treat mom to this sweater and she will know that you truly appreciate all that she does.



Beauty products are always a great gift for mom! And Beauty Counter has been taking the world by storm with safe products that will make mom feel beautiful and pampered. Unfortunately many companies are using known toxins in their products—ingredients that have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, hormone disruption—without telling us. But Beauty Counter has now created a line that we can all feel safe using. I switched most of my beauty routine to Beauty Counter about 2 years ago and I love them. Treat mom to some of my favorites the Rosewater Uplifting Spray, Peppermint Lip Balm or the Lustro Sugar Scrub.


Is your mom a cook? Then treat her to a week of one of the latest and greatest companies that delivers you all the ingredients to a delicious vegan meal called The Purple Carrot  As you may know animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of disruption to our environment with greenhouse gases and deforestation. So Mark Bittman, author of Vegan Before 6, has created this meal delivery service that will let you create three delicious vegan meals a week. I’ve been a Purple Carrot subscriber for quite sometime and trust me there is not scary about Spinach Risotto with Spiced Chickpea Crumble. And mom feels good about eliminating 3 carnivore meals a week!



What better way celebrate motherhood than getting something for mom that will empower other moms all around the world. The Little Market is a online marketplace for fair trade goods that provide meaningful income for woman in 16 different countries. These female artisans create beautiful baskets, bowls and blankets and they have a great mothers day gift right here. My favorite is the bohemian market basket perfect for the pool or famers market!



Ok one last one that I have to share but it no secret! Toms has been providing shoes for those in need with every shoe you purchase for years.  And now they have expended into so much more. Better access to clean water, eye care for those in need, safe birth environments and bully prevention are other areas they provide funding for that are truly making a difference in the world. But here’s the catch all you have to do is buy a cute pair of shoes and you can be apart of what they are doing. Sounds good to me! So whats my pick? The cork platforms are the best, I own 2 pairs and they are a three season staple. Perfect with a dress, jeans or even a pair of shorts. Love them!



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