Monday Inspiration

I’m not ready to kick summer to the curb yet but I sure am dreaming of all the fancy coats I’ll be wearing soon! I love me some coats. When I’m older and I move it will be somewhere I get to wear jeans, a T and a coat.

Coats, Coats, Coats, Coats, Coats!

87e229f066bb0c878f92a1eba71b3cc3 Supermodel Karlie Kloss on a photoshoot in Soho, in New York. 6 May 2015. 7 May 2015. Please byline: 680e7d9bfcc708f52491d8568cc380c8 e7ef21346e48558bc8b11e98833bf029 7241e248836896ddf7c1dcc25256be19 d2ac4305973cf1754b8c254708274db6

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