House Envy 2.0

I’m totally going through a phase where I want to paint EVERYTHING in my house stark white. White walls, clean, very few patterns and hints of vintage textiles. Well I also know that it’s not realistic. My kids like to destroy my house. Yep that’s right those sweet little girls will wreak havoc on white walls. Not to mention my husband would kill me if I started to redecorate again. So I’ll just live vicariously through Pinterest homes and online mags to give me the white fix. Erin Fetherston’s house featured on One King’s Lane  is just dreamy! Lovely layers of soft white tones and a hint of blue. Mellow gold accents, rustic wood tables and a great mix of modern and vintage.  Love how they layered the rugs on the living room and kept the mantle and other accessories minimal. Sign me up I’ll move right in! BLOG10_ErinFetherston_0317







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