tuesday’s find

Consignment Stores are a great place to find furniture that could be reinvented.  Typically the prices are reasonable and the prices go down the longer it remains at the store.  Here are some finds at Joy’s Consignment, I usually check out what they have at least once or twice a week.  They have a ton of dining chairs right now if you are in the market.  remember to keep and open mind they need to be REINVENTED call me if you need help!

These were $92 each. Keep them black and recover the seats or paint them a new color.
I loved these faux bamboo ones. They scream to be painted a new color. turquoise or lime green!
They came as a set with the table for $345. I would repurpose the table for something else like a desk (without the leaves) or mix and match a few other chairs to complete the set
There were 8 of these Chippendale style chairs. Buy one for extra seating or the whole set $92 each. They would be great white, yellow or green with a fun fabric on the seat.

Designer Profile: Sheila Bridges

Sheila Bridges: This designer not only has exquisite taste and an impeccable eye for pulling a room together, she rocks a bald head with grace and style.  Sheila is best know for her “Harlem Toile” as she literally changed the faces of a toile fabric from classic themes of  maids and maidens to girls jumping rope double dutch style and people dancing with a beat box nearby.  She is a fan of what she call “furnishing forward” collecting pieces cheap or pricey, inherited or a yard sale and using them to furnish different rooms in different homes throughout your life.  Great advice for the avid collector like myself.  I’ve always picked up pieces I loved and found a place for them even if it is my garage for a year or two!   Most things can be reworked with a little paint or fabric.  She is also quoted as saying “Most things in life are beyond our control what you choose to put in your home is not.”  I couldn’t agree more choose wisely.

The flooring is amazing!
The pink is pretty without being too prissy
The Harlem Toile wallpaper brightens up this white kitchen
There is some much about this picture that I love, the topiaries, the simple chairs, the rustic table.
I love the airplane. It adds drama and playfulness at the same time. This could move from this family room to a kids, to a media room. It could have so many places in a home.

Images from Shelia Bridges Website.  Quotes from an article in Glamour Magazine  April 09

Forcing Spring

It’s always nice to force a little spring around your house this time of year.  I love to add pops of color now that all the Christmas decorations are gone and it seems so bare.  Here a a few ways you can add color to your place.  Happy Weekend!

A cute set of green trays in lieu of a placement. Great to brighten your morning for breakfast! Set of 4 from the Village Antique Mall.

Cheery pair of lamps from Home Goods

Whole Foods has  great selection of daffodil bunches and plants  for less that $7

I chose a colorful bunch of gerber daisies
Here the are adding a little spring to my front hall