mirror mirror on the wall

Here are a few “wow” mirrors I found at Pier 1 the other day.  (I’m thinking the first might be a good pick for the bath I just painted) They would all look great above a pedestal sink, a console table or small dresser.  They are far from boring and bring some real impact to a space!

Pier 1 capiz shell mirror $299.95
capiz shell mirror detail
I love this mirror it is a knockoff of one that goes for 10 times the price! Pier 1 $299.95
mirror above detail
Pier 1 shell inlay mirror $149.95
mirror above detail

before and after

This bathroom got a subtle face lift using one of my favorite paint treatments, horizontal stripes.  The base is a semi gloss white with a flat stripe in a few shades darker.  The contrast of different finishes accentuates the stripe but the muted color difference keeps from being to bold a contrast.  Originally I had a darker violet color but decided to keep it neutral and not to girly.  So I can easily change the accessories when I tire of the pink.  The hooks were great find from Urban Outfitters. More to come in this room I still need a fun fabric for a window treatment and a “to die for” mirror.

before: This a tiny bath so I felt too much color would overwhelm the space
during: I spaced the striped about 9 inches apart. I'm not a perfectionist so I put the tape up free hand after the initial measure
after: hooks from Urban Outfitters
after: You can barely tell with the light this bright!

tuesday’s find

Consignment Stores are a great place to find furniture that could be reinvented.  Typically the prices are reasonable and the prices go down the longer it remains at the store.  Here are some finds at Joy’s Consignment, I usually check out what they have at least once or twice a week.  They have a ton of dining chairs right now if you are in the market.  remember to keep and open mind they need to be REINVENTED call me if you need help!

These were $92 each. Keep them black and recover the seats or paint them a new color.
I loved these faux bamboo ones. They scream to be painted a new color. turquoise or lime green!
They came as a set with the table for $345. I would repurpose the table for something else like a desk (without the leaves) or mix and match a few other chairs to complete the set
There were 8 of these Chippendale style chairs. Buy one for extra seating or the whole set $92 each. They would be great white, yellow or green with a fun fabric on the seat.