5 things for Mom

5 thing Mom would love!

Pack this little sweet blue jar with bright yellow daffodils. Mom will love it now and later!

Find it at Furbish


Love this little yellow catch all. Tuck a little Burt’s Bees lip gloss or two inside. Mom will love it!

find it at J.Crew


I’ve been using Maldon flaky salt instead of regular salt these days. A little goes a long way. I think if your mom is a gourmet pick up this pretty salt container and a box of Maldon and Mom will be psyched!

find it at Williams Sonoma 


Kick of Mom’s summer into to gear with these colorful earrings. Paired with white for day or black at night they are sure to make a statement

Find them at Lauren Hope 


Are you on a budget this year? Print this out and pop it in a little frame. Mom will be touched.




casual and understated style, as in dress or décor, that expresses a specified trendy lifestyle or activity.
If someone were to give me the ultimate compliment it would be to call me or my interiors chic. I’m far from chic now but something to strive for right?







What to wear: Spring Jackets

Oh man I LOVE  jackets. Got a whole closet full of them to back up that statement. As we ease into spring most days you need a light jacket to start the day. Happy to do that as long as the coats look like this.

44944_ED3202_mLove the old standard layered up with the jean jacket

Barbour Flyweight Calvary Jacket @ J. Crew

TB_12133168_145Beautifully embellished, perfect to dress up or down

Tory Burch Donovan Jacket 

3138241600_1_1_3A black leather jacket ,sure. A red leather jacket. HELLO! I love this. Paired with jeans it’s perfect.

Zara’s Combination Quilted Leather Jacket


I’m also loving the peplum trend. Emma Stone looks totally chic right?

I found a gorgeous Moschino one on Shopbob but at $1600 it might break the bank! I’m in search of acute versatile peplum jacket so if you come across one let me know.