About Megan Kane Interiors

Megan Kane Interiors offers a quintessentially personal approach to real interior design. We appreciate smart design, functional space and unexpected touches. We partner with like-minded clients, who want to collaborate and aren’t afraid to get out of their own heads and see Megan’s vision for their space. That’s how great design is created.

When you walk around your house are you inspired by what you see? Does your home reflect your taste and style and life? Or, do you see glimpses of greatness underneath clutter, layered on top of stale. Let us help you like what you see every time you come home.

Megan will spend as little as an hour and as much as a day on your initial interior design consultation. She will walk your house and recommend what to do–and how to arrange–your existing furniture. Megan will recommend a color palette, fabrics and styles to accentuate what you already own. Then, she shops. Megan will select a few new accessories and some fresh paint to make your home a true haven.

With years of interior design experience and a fresh perspective, Megan will help you make the most of what you have and add functional, yet exciting design pieces that reflect your lifestyle.

Contact us today to schedule a design consultation. Megan Kane Interiors will help you arrange a look you can love for years. Megan Kane: 303.808.2122 or megan@megankaneinteriors.com.

About Megan Kane

For Megan Kane, the principal designer of Megan Kane Interiors, design is genetic. Megan attributes her great style aesthetic to her mother. Growing up on the east coast, she watched her mom paint, hang wallpaper and rearrange furniture. Working in a wallpaper shop in high school, Megan loved flipping through all the books, envisioning the possibilities. From there she experienced other parts of the industry while working for a furniture manufacturer and designers.

Megan’s diverse experience and East Coast influence has become Signature Megan Kane Style. Defined as “transitional,” Megan starts with a traditional base and layers vintage and contemporary accents. To Megan, the room is complete for the client when the last little detail is in place…like a perfectly placed orchid or throw. But great design is never truly finished. Design is organic and should be tweaked for the season or to reflect a mood or a cherished item.

Let Megan show you how passionate she is about design. In her own words, “Making spaces more beautiful is my thumbprint on the world.”

About Lindsey McKeever

As design assistant, Lindsey McKeever joins the Megan Kane Interiors team with a depth of art and design knowledge having studied at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and graduating from Parsons School of Design. Lindsey loves color and bold prints and defines the Megan Kane signature style as layering texture, color and unusual pieces into a classic, livable space. Lindsey enjoys working with clients who are open to new ideas and able to trust the process from start to finish.