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Are you missing Ms Mary MacDonald? She has some words of wisdom she shared with Ok! Magazine on how to transition your home from winter to spring.  I’m sooo rolling up my wool living room rug!


Are you in a DIY mood this weekend? Love the idea of trying the faux zinc finish on a dresser, table ect. ect. It looks great! Unfolded blog has all the details


Incase you have missed it Kate Young, stylists to the stars, debuted  her clothing line for Target last week. It’s sleek and sultry with a girly flair. I picked up this dress in the black version. Think it will be a total staple in my wardrobe this summer!




beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action;imaginative:

Love this bold bathroom by Christina Murphy the tile work is totally out of the box and the wallpaper compliments if perfectly. So pretty!


What to wear: summer suits

Yes I know there is still a bit of snow on the ground here but swim suit season is right around the corner, so forgive me while I fast forward through spring here and start plotting my summer  swimwear. I can’t help but get excited with the throw back retro suits that Anthropologie has right now. They have unique patterns and slimming silhouettes. I love so many which one to pick!









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What to do?

What to do?

Do you have a big dining table in your kitchen? or do you love a cozy nook for people to sit and relax while your whip up gourmet treats?  I’m partial to the cozy nook. It just seems to make more sense. But then again doesn’t a table to sit and eat make sense too. What would you do?



lonny mag kitchen


noteworthy links

Hope you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend as much as I am. Mine is packed not one but two dinners with friends. A little lot of” me” time. Facial, massage and yoga! And I have a stack of new magazines I can’t wait to read.

If you are looking for some insightful things to read this weekend.

Check out

1.Camille Styles tell us how she GSD on Meg Biram’s blog I love how she has a works a 4 hour day. Right up my alley!


2.If you are a lover of all thing French too, you must check out

Paris in 4 Months

A pictorial diary of Carrin Olsson’s time in Paris. It stunning!


3.Do you love an organized fridge? I’m kind of fanatical about it

Sqwakfox tells you where is all goes to stay in it bet shape. Good to know!


5.As a newly turned leaf I’m trying not to eat dairy which isn’t awful, not much to miss. But who doesn’t love a little ice cream?

I’ve been making a frozen banana coconut concoction which is great. But I’m looking forward to trying this strawberry version from the primal home!

blog pics 4039



impressing the mind with a sense of grandeur or power; inspiring awe, veneration, etc.

Isn’t it?

We have had a couple rounds of snow here and more on the way. NOT complaining we need the moisture. But I most certainly looking forward to opening the windows and doors and letting the warm air in!

back exterior,

What to wear: A skinny cropped jean

I’m seriously trying to shed some winter LBS because I have about 4 pairs of totally cute cropped jeans that fit me ooooh two years ago, but can’t fit my big toe in right now! So I’ve added a little Tracy Anderson dance DVD to my repertoire because it’s too darn cold to go for a run. Hilarious! I’m just flailing about in my office/sunroom/gym trying to mimic her ridiculous moves. Damn you Tracy making it look so easy. In an interview on the dvd, Ms. Paltrow said it took her a year to be good at it. A year!  So if you want a good laugh just come around back of my house around 5:30 and see me attempt to bust a move.

BUT I promise…

 I will love as chic in my cropped jeans!










Not just another pretty picture

As I continue work with clients to create beautiful spaces my perspective on how to approach the accessories has changed. It’s not about having it look totally perfect. Like we just had a photo shoot and that’s the way it should stay eternally!  People live there and life comes with all sorts of  recently read newspapers, kicked off shoes and a curled up pup. There is total beauty in those imperfections. They become the accessories and style that make the room.









Pardon my extended absence. I needed to take a little sabbatical as I was having a little “what F*#% am I doing with my life” period.  Anyone else been there? I was little overwhelmed with everything in general and felt like a little a hamster on that ever turning wheel. Get up feed the kids,make lunches, school, work, work , work, home, homework, dinner, blog, work sleep ect, ect. Alarm DING! Do it again. What on earth are you doing?? Are you going to wake up one day and say what happened?

I needed to slow it down. So a break was in order! I needed to reboot and recharge. Think about where I wanted things to go how I wanted to get there. I needed to re-light the candle and get inspired. Lots of reading from self-help to design mags. Lots of thinking from meditation to just sitting. Lots of hanging with my girls.

Now come the changes.

A bigger Team. I hired some help! I’ve got a new assistant extraordinaire. My sister is working for me a few days a week. She is a tremendous help and a great asset. She helps me be in two places at once. She is adding another perspective which is always helpful in this business.  Plus it’s fun to hang out with my sister more often!

Yoga. It’s only been a week but I can see how you can get hooked on the this. I love the escape and I love taking the time for myself.

 My house. I feel like I’m in a really good place with my house. Imposing the moratorium has totally helped me to stop OBSESSING over every little thing. I’m content with way things look and that’s a good thing.

A schedule. I’ve created a schedule for ALL the things in my life I need to find time for. I’ve even scheduled time to blog instead of 10pm at night. It’s such integral part of my job. I’m going to be adding some new post themes that I hope you will enjoy!

A reinvention. I love a good reinvention. I’m in the process of changing some things up in my business. I’m excited to reveal them as they happen. Stay tuned!